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79 » John

Location: Victoria
Date: 25.02.2017
Time: 20:47:24

I have "Walkabout", "Insight out" and "Here i am" framed and hanging on my walls at home. Ian is an awesome artist with a passion that shows in his work. Keep up the great work Ian !

78 » Namita

Location: Pennsylvania, US
Date: 27.10.2016
Time: 07:53:47

I have "Walkabout" hanging in my room for the past 3 years now! Love your artwork

77 » Eddie Alfaro

Date: 30.06.2016
Time: 22:24:34

I had fun looking at your artwork thank you.

76 » Sue B

Location: BC
Date: 02.02.2016
Time: 13:19:04

I first purchased Ian's art in 1998...and have 3 pieces on the wall. They have not grown old...still my fav and love them! Was visiting the site looking to add more to my collection. Simply Amazing☺

75 » Chris

Location: California
Date: 24.11.2015
Time: 22:22:46

Hello... Just representing a Californian teenage class that passed by in late June a year ago. The fact that an entire class of young teens could stand and enjoy art says a lot about your work. Keep on making them!

74 » Rebecca

Location: The Universe
Date: 17.08.2015
Time: 16:55:02

Such a HUGE FAN, already! So glad to know you, Galileo!

Looking forward to working with you and collaborating for many years to come! :-D :-D :-D

LOVE your website and artistic ethos!

Thank you for all the laughs last appreciation of your gifts, not at your expense! :-D

Lots of Love to You Always!


73 » Dennis Lloyd

Location: Mesa, Arizona
Date: 08.06.2015
Time: 16:54:15

Hi again. I met you last Friday night off the cruise ship. I loved your art immediately and wanted to buy them all but had forgotten to take my money with me. you graciously let me take your picture with your art. Please let me know when your latest one is available and I'll buy that one too! LOVE YOUR IMAGINATION AND TALENT


Location: Seattle
Date: 09.10.2014
Time: 17:55:14

I found a Framed print of yours at the thrift store today & congratulations to me ... I love the whole scene ... "where I am?" ... perfect for my now :) .... Upon investigating your website I'm also totally inspired and impressed ... stoked to talk more about a possible showing at a regional festival gallery ~ summer 2015. Look forward to talking soon. LOVE IT!

71 » Taylor

Location: Saskatchewan
Date: 18.07.2014
Time: 10:56:14

I bought a drawing by you last week and what you do is crazy beautiful.

70 » Joshua

Location: ladysmith van island
Date: 13.04.2014
Time: 02:38:31

my friends and I met you and observed your art one night on the waterfront. I had an instant appreciation for your style of art, as well as you as a person! you seem like a lovely man, my friends and I picked out 3 of your pieces. all of which I have on my wall and look at every day. you inspired me to strive to be a bit more artistic. my friend Janis and I have been painting and sketching together almost every day.

thank you for what you do Ian, not all people appreciate the real things in life anymore but you give me hope that some people may still have an open mind to the true beauty of life.

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