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69 » David Arvidson

Location: Kamloops B.C.
Date: 17.03.2014
Time: 01:12:54

I saw your art by chance walking along the harbor. I can't seem to find the words to describe how amazing this artwork is. Looks even better up close and can be analyzed for hours to see every detail. I have fallen in love with your art, never stop drawing Ian.

68 » Kent

Location: cascadia (WA state)
Date: 26.12.2013
Time: 12:38:35

I was captain of a tall ship called Hawaiian Chieftain and there was a copy of Breakthrough in my cabin. always found it relaxing after a bad day. thanks


67 » Linda McFarlan

Location: London, Ontario
Date: 02.10.2013
Time: 12:57:53

Hello Ian, Bevan brought back your e-mail to me when he was visiting BC. Comparing your work to the Zentangles that I do, unfortunately I don't have a lovely web site like this one! Your work is wonderful and I understand how many hours go into such a piece. Best Wishes with your sales. Linda

66 » Zach Klippenstein

Location: Winnipeg/Seattle
Date: 18.08.2013
Time: 02:13:04

Stopped by your display on the Causeway tonight, got a poster (first piece for my new apartment!). Thanks!

Ian & me:

65 » Ed & Lorna

Location: Victoria
Date: 04.08.2013
Time: 13:36:37

Hi Ian, After seeing your photos on your camera we checked the pictures of the mink, mice and more.

64 » Carla Obieglo

Location: Victoria BC
Date: 26.03.2013
Time: 00:34:06

Hi Ian,
I just read the spread in Monday Magazine today about you and your work. Your art is very amazing. It especially drew my attention as my mother was an artist and did a lot of pen and ink work over the years. Her last pieces tended to lean towards the west coast native style and were very unique in themselves. You just don't see much art in pen and ink these days. I dabble in it, haven't been too inspired lately but after viewing your work I might just get my pens back out.
Hope to make it down to inner harbor to get a more personal view very soon.


63 » Randy Adams

Location: Vic B.C.
Date: 19.02.2013
Time: 15:37:39

Love your work.
Hope to see you on the Harbor.

62 » Marita Mariasine

Location: Montreal/Haiti
Date: 19.01.2013
Time: 16:25:45

I came across you and your work along the Inner Harbor Causeway, I can't even remember how many years ago.
I took home to Montreal your drawing called 'Here I Am'.
It spoke so loud to me, made me see dimensions that I was searching for.
It hung it over my bed for years and it served me as a guide, by helping me visualize the liberation of my mind in this world.
Today I come back to my home town and my old room, what's different is me.
I became what I worked for to become. 'Here I Am' is no ordinary drawing either.
Today with my purest intentions and warrior spirit for the greater good, I move energy and create avenues for change and ending mental slavery.
I'm half Haitian and live in Haiti most of the time. Please contact me with any interest you may have in Haiti.
You are a Shaman, healer and spiritual guide.
Your art is extraordinary. Thank you.


61 » Steve

Location: Borden, Ontario
Date: 27.10.2012
Time: 14:01:57

Merci pour votre œuvre! J'ai acheter l'un de vos tableau a Victoria,BC et il es magnifique ! Je vous enverrez le résultat final une fois mît en cadre! Continuez vos œuvres! Elles sont superbe et unique !

60 » Hans & Cristina

Location: Victoria, B.C.
Date: 16.08.2012
Time: 15:57:39

Thank you for your work. We really enjoy our art collection that prominently features your work. We look forward to your continuing works.

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