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29 » Nikki

Date: 10.01.2007
Time: 23:12:35

isnt life beautiful? How are you? I got a couple of prints in the summer of 03, and they are always up where people can see them in my house. But anyway, i just wanted everyone to know that everything is so beautiful

28 » Shauna

Location: Rosedale British Columbia
Date: 08.01.2007
Time: 00:23:56

Bought 2 prints 10 years ago, World of Difference and Walkabout in Victoria B.C. Your pieces are always enjoyable to look at and a conversation piece. I typed in your name in Google and there you were. Keep up the good work!!!

27 » Jesse

Location: Seattle
Date: 06.01.2007
Time: 22:11:56

I bought "World of Difference" about 9 years ago in Victoria. I hope you don't mind, but I colored it in, and I think it looks great! It's 9 years later, and I'm finally getting around to framing it. Keep up the great work!

26 » Deborah George

Location: San Jose, CA
Date: 22.12.2006
Time: 23:35:51

I purchased a print from you back in 2001 when I saw you working in Victoria. It has induced much introspection. Best Wishes

25 » Mkay Adams

Location: Knappa, Oregon "The Pacific NW"
Date: 04.12.2006
Time: 22:31:19

Hi Ian;

I hope to become a self supporting Artist, I can only hope to be as good as you are..... I visit your website for inspiration..... Someday I will buy some of your works, I also plan on sending you a sample of what I do.... maybe you could critique it?
Take care

"Dot On"

24 » mike abdelmesseh

Location: vancouver
Date: 17.11.2006
Time: 03:30:26

hi Ian I was wondering about you so I thought I'd google your name and sure enough there you are.I'm in vancouver still.have been for about 15 years.Time sure does fly.Hope your doing to hear from you.ciao

23 » Shelley Smiley

Location: Victoria
Date: 14.10.2006
Time: 13:26:15

Hi Ian,

My friend and I talked to you in the Inner Harbour a few nights ago while you were showing us your technique for making your pictures. You said "I'm afraid that if I do anymore on this, I might mess it up. You know, when I start I feel like I'm never going to get this done, but near the end, I feel that more needs to be worked on, but I know if I do that it will mess up."

We had a very nice long conversation about space too. My friend and I really enjoyed listening to your stories, and what you had to say about your art work. Your pictures are very inspiring to me. I would love to come back down and show more people your art work because it is such a beautiful thing to show.

I hope we get to see new pictures of your's soon!!

22 » Caroline Driscoll

Location: Georgia
Date: 10.10.2006
Time: 18:16:41

I happened to come across your artwork while looking for inspiration. I must say that your art work is very good. You should keep up the good work. I must say, you have a very intriguing imagination. I would like to hear and see more from you.

21 » Daniel

Location: La Rioja, Spain
Date: 24.09.2006
Time: 07:33:09

Hello Ian.
I'm from Spain, and this summer I went to Victoria to study english and I bought some of your posters. I said you that you are the best, and I want to say it one more time.
Your paintings are special, I don't know why, but I can imagine other worlds. It's like reading.
You are the best.
If you want to sell a original painting, I will buy it.

Take care.

20 » Alex

Location: Switzerland
Date: 18.09.2006
Time: 06:25:01

Hello Ian,

I was and still am faszinated by your creations! I was in victoria on holidays and will always remember this beatifull place because of you and your amazing artwork on my walls! how are the "hopping Stones" progressing? I'm looking forward for this one!
Thank you very much and I hope to be back soon!


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